Confirmation Bias

I’m not immune to confirmation bias. And if someone suspects that I’m perpetuating an opinion that might not be the whole story, I’d like for them to stop me and remind me of confirmation bias as a starting point for debate.

Present me some conflicting data.

I’ve spent a great deal of time lately looking at fitness, nutrition and psychological research. I try to read with an open mind, but alas, I often stumble across information that confirms my beliefs rather than opposes my beliefs.

When I do stumble across information that opposes me beliefs, I am probably far more likely to be critical of it as well.

It’s important to be skeptical, even of information that supports your beliefs. Continue reading Confirmation Bias

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Traffic ≠ Sales or Sustainability

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CC Éole Wind

Here are your two choices:

You could change everything at once, and completely overhaul your life, business, relationship, financial situation, etc…


You could make small, continuous, incremental changes to slowly get the outcomes you want from your life, business, relationship, financial situation, etc…

Which would you choose? Continue reading Traffic ≠ Sales or Sustainability

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The 13 Virtues of Benjamin Franklin

Philadelphia - Old City: Second Bank Portrait Gallery - Benjamin Franklin

In the last two or three years, I’ve done a lot of research into long-lasting companies, long-lasting fitness and long-lasting ‘change‘ in general.

Some books that come highly recommended in terms of finding long-term success, that far outweigh (in terms of practicality) that of most so-called, ‘self-help’ books, are books that feature some long-term studies and mostly pattern observations, within long-term successes.

I think specifically useful — though many analysts and statisticians would probably disagree with me — are qualitative observations, which due to their nature are incredibly difficult to quantify but perhaps 2-3 times as important as the more commonly used quantitative observations — things like stats, graphs, figures, etc… Continue reading The 13 Virtues of Benjamin Franklin

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The Five or Six Step Process


I’ve been giving this some thought.

People love, I mean ‘LOVE’ a good blog post that gives you 6 steps to this or 7 ways to do that.

I’ve written several myself.

Articles like:

The Three Little Secrets of Motivation

Five Steps to Health and Fitness Mastery

Eleven Eating Behaviors You Should Know

Five Ways to Make Crossfit Better

Six Things Holding You Back

The Three Secrets of Weight Loss

Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Andreas Levers

Continue reading The Five or Six Step Process

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On The Defensive

What are we waiting for?

I’ve always prided myself in athletics on my defensive positioning. I spent a lot of time acquiring a skill in knowing where and when certain things were likely to occur.

This enabled me to anticipate a steal, a turn-over, a loose-ball, and essentially when I would have try to get a step on my opponent.

I played centre defence in soccer for the better part of 15 years, because I would rather take the ball away from someone trying to score than be the person to score.

Defence to me is really about timing.

In fact, my offensive skills as far as I was concerned were secondary to my defence.

I firmly believed the affirmation that ‘defence wins games.’

And to that point, ‘offence gets the girls,’ but that’s another story altogether. Continue reading On The Defensive

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