The 13 Virtues of Benjamin Franklin

Philadelphia - Old City: Second Bank Portrait Gallery - Benjamin Franklin

In the last two or three years, I’ve done a lot of research into long-lasting companies, long-lasting fitness and long-lasting ‘change‘ in general.

Some books that come highly recommended in terms of finding long-term success, that far outweigh (in terms of practicality) that of most so-called, ‘self-help’ books, are books that feature some long-term studies and mostly pattern observations, within long-term successes.

I think specifically useful — though many analysts and statisticians would probably disagree with me — are qualitative observations, which due to their nature are incredibly difficult to quantify but perhaps 2-3 times as important as the more commonly used quantitative observations — things like stats, graphs, figures, etc… Continue reading The 13 Virtues of Benjamin Franklin

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Critical Thinking, A Lost Art?

I had a conversation with a very successful person last year that still resonates with me.

A retired successful business person, now college professor, they expressed to me just how much they believe critical thinking is lost on their post-secondary students.

After further discussion this person revealed, that through their teaching over the last 15 years, they have noticed a trend among young people in their ability to apply critical thinking skills to testing and comprehension.

Most reports and tests, this person now marks, are almost word for word interpretations of the textbook or what they believe the professor wants to hear.

The conclusion this professor came to, through observation, was that we — or at least these students — are getting worse at applying critical and creative thinking processes to real world applications. Continue reading Critical Thinking, A Lost Art?

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Don’t Forget Qualifiable

I’m tired of everybody trying to quantify everything all the time.

To me, Quality beats Quantity every single time, it’s actually sort of a personal mantra.

Some people have a better grasp of this concept than others. You’d be amazed at just how much you can you can benefit from qualifying something versus quantifying it. You’d be equally amazed at just how much our society judges a situation via a quantifying process. Think of the 3 following situations:

‘Little Suzy is so much smarter than little Eric because she scored 86% on her Math test and he only got 64%.’

‘I only make $30,000 a year while that guy makes $120,000 he must be the happiest guy on earth.’

‘Josh has been to the gym 5 times this week, lost 50 lbs in the last year and every time I start i can only make it once, I lose 5 lbs then put on 10 lbs more’ Continue reading Don’t Forget Qualifiable

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Compare Apples to Oranges

Can you compare? Who would win?

There is an old saying that gets thrown around a lot in my field, business, the real world, everywhere.

“You can’t compare apples to oranges”

It’s both valid and invalid. It’s both common and different.

On one hand people use it as an excuse.

“I can’t be like that.”

On the other hand it may help you with a realization.

“Everybody is slightly different, I need to adjust it to me.” Continue reading Compare Apples to Oranges

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